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For the size of this place, it’s very impressive what they have in stock. The bulk section and spice selection by weight is unbeatable in this area. Everything is non GMO. Great place to have around!!

Alex Bosch, Google Review

Know Your Farmer; Know Your Food

Food co-ops have existed for centuries as a way to connect communities to fresh, locally-produced food sources. Farmers have a gift for beautifully nurturing food from the earth that helps sustain us all. A food co-op provides small, area growers with a place to market their goods. This allows them to support their families while feeding the community and it connects neighborhoods to quality, locally grown food.

At MANNA Food Co-op, we are about building community! Together, we work with local farmers, growers, and producers to create access to healthy food and products. We help teach families how to prepare, use these goods, and we are your resource center for total health and wellness.

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MANNA Food Co-op welcomes everyone! It is not necessary to be a member to shop with us, but you will quickly see the benefits of becoming a member/owner.

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Local Jewel sponsorship

Thankfully there is also a way to help everyone in our community become a member/owner with our Local Jewel Sponsorship. This program allows anyone the opportunity to donate MANNA Food Co-op memberships or donate money to be put toward a membership, thus allowing all members of the community access to local, healthy food, regardless of their means.

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Support your local economy


Know where your food is coming from


Promote LOCAL, NATURAL, AND organic food growth


Great variety of local, fresh fruits and vegetables


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