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Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some common questions about Manna Food Co-op.


Can nonmembers shop at the co-op?

YES! You are welcome to shop at the co-op with or without a membership.

What if I can’t afford a membership?

Manna offers a “Jewel” membership if you are in need (this can be for low income families or families in crisis). See the membership page for more information.

Does Manna take WIC or SNAP?

Manna DOES take SNAP, but does NOT take WIC.

Where can I park?

Parallel parking is available on Washington Ave., and the parking lot behind the store almost always has available spots.

Is there a variety of products at such a small store?

Manna offers nearly all the whole foods you may have on your grocery list, as well as unique products you can’t get anywhere else. For example, MN has some of the best wild rice beds in the world, and we provide access to local rice.

Is the pricing of products competitive?

Prices are very comparable to other natural and organic products at local grocery stores. With a membership, you can receive coupons to increase your savings.

What is the shopping experience like?

Because we are a small scale main street store, you get a more pleasant shopping experience. You will be  quick in, and quick out.We pride ourselves on customer service. Our co-op strives to offer the freshest produce and the friendliest attendants. You will rarely wait in line at Manna. We are the world’s best full service  grocery store in 1700 square feet!

How do shortages affect the store?

You can get the products you need and want. We are able to manage shortages easily because we are a small store and because we rely on local vendors. We are able to substitute items very quickly.

Why shop at Manna Food Co-op?

Shop at Manna for great freshness, keen attention to detail, and excellent customer service!