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Volunteering at the Co-op: Working Members

Would you like to earn 3% off all your co-op purchases? How about become more involved in Manna? Or simply get out of the house a bit more? Think about becoming a working member.

We have a limited number of spots for working members and your support is much needed. For example, we brought back Sunday hours at least during the summer only because volunteers stepped forward to support a staff person on that day.

With a small staff and a limited payroll, working members will play an important role in supporting staff, just as working members do at many other co-ops nationally. This is proud tradition of the cooperative movement and an excellent way to get involved. We ask for an average of 6 hours per month in time and provide a 3% working member discount in return.

You can sign up for a volunteer shift in the calendar below. Details about positions are below the calendar

Please inquire with John Skarie from the volunteer committee for more information at 218-234-1888 or johnskarie@msn.com.

Click on the calendar below to sign up.

Volunteer position descriptions

Greeter and General Support: Mannas Volunteer will be greeting customers, facing and restock shelves, and answering phones and questions customers may have to support staff. Volunteers may be required to run downstairs and retrieve product from the cooler, freezer ok backstock. Volunteers will be given a basic orientation of what the job will require on their first day volunteering knowledge of the co-op will be provided.

Outreach:To sample products from our store, have basic knowledge of product as well as how membership works. Volunteer might be outside in front of store for street fairs, community expo’s and on busy weekdays, holidays or on the weekends.Training will be provided on all product being sampled, how a Manna membership works and information on what a Co-op is.

Cleaning: This volunteer position will be cleaning the Norby Flats entry way, common area and bathrooms. Volunteer will vacuum entry way and common area. Volunteer will clean the three bathrooms located in the Norby Flats Common Area. Bathrooms need to have mirror, sink, toilets and floors cleaned and mopped. Volunteer will also need to change toilet paper, paper towel and soap dispensers when empty. This volunteer position will take about two hours to complete. Training will be provided.

Truck: Manna’s trucks come on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Monday’s truck arrive at approximately the following times; Please arrive on time!

  • Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs at times. 
  • Will work with a with a Manna employee to unload product from a semi onto can help with the stocking of the product if they would like but is not necessary. This volunteer position could take up to 2hours but typically if all trucks are on time, one hour.

Cashier: This volunteer position will be working at the till, ringing customers through and making sure the customer has a positive shopping experience. This position will require the volunteer to learn the point of sale (POS) unit, bag customers groceries and provide customer service, training on the POS, Credit Card machine and any related equipment will be provided.

Deli: Help to package bulk product going on the shelf, making smoothies for customer and all deli prep including, but not limited to yogurt parfait, kale salad and smoothie prep volunteers will be given training on all equipment and tasks assigned.