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This month we have over 100 items on sale as member specials from bulk grocery and herbs to a selection from our all-organic produce section. We also continue to add to our selection, including our long-awaited leap in supplements.

New Product Highlight: Oregon Harvest Wild Herbal Supplements

We are so excited to have this rock-solid line of herbal supplements in the store. Conversations with other co-ops got Oregon Harvest on the top of our list. Many shoppers request this brand after trying them and learning about their reputation for quality.

Oregon’s Wild Harvest are certified organic, non-GMO, and gluten free. These are simply herbs harvested fresh, stored in whole form to retain active properties, and packaged immediately after milling.

“Throughout history, one simple, holistic way of addressing our health and wellness has remained constant: whole herbs. Which is why we use whole, certified organic and biodynamic herbs to make our products.” –Oregon’s Wild Harvest

All Oregon’s Wild Harvest supplements are 10% off thru March. 

smoothie supplies station at MANNABulk-up Your Smoothie Sale Continues: Chlorella Highlight 

What on earth is chlorella and why would you put this stuff into your smoothie?

Chlorella is the cousin to better-known spirulina, another algae which is also a common dietary supplement. Ingesting a freshwater algae may not sound appealing to you, we know, however the health properties of chlorella makes this green powder a powerful tool to aid your health.

It’s high concentration of chlorophyll gives your smoothie a wide mix of nutrients, a significant kick in one little teaspoon of powder. Chlorella has been shown to greatly assist in detoxing the body, supporting hormonal balance, and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.  The Dr. Axe site has a good write up on its benefits.

Chlorella and spirulina are often combined with fresh ginger and lime or lemon juice in a smoothie. See this recipe.

All smoothie powders and boost are 10% off thru March