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Last week the MANNA Co-op board made it official and signed the lease on the building at 105 Barbara Avenue along Highway 34 and across from M-State.

Members of the Co-op board and visionary team met for an honest-t0-goodness signing ceremony with our new landlord. We are certainly thankful for his patience through all our organizing efforts to date. We are also excited that we’ll be moving from the idea of a co-op in Detroit Lakes to a reality, a store people can see and touch. No matter our committment, it can be difficult to sell others on an idea. This is now no longer the case and folks need not be suspicious that the co-op is just some “big idea” we are peddling. The co-op will have a home and will open this spring.
Building owner DeForest Malstrom with members of Co-op board and visionary team

Sponsor a Co-op Membership this Christmas Season

We continue to reach for our membership goal of 500 by the time we open our doors and now is a great time to support others in the community through our LOCAL JEWEL (Leaving Our Community A Legacy Joining Everyone with Excellent Living) program. This is an opportunity to sponsor a MANNA Co-op membership or donate funds to be put towards a membership to the Co-op, allowing all members of our community to access local, healthy food, no matter their means.

You can find details and our form at our homepage at http://mannafoodcoop.com/

Our Timeline and Milestones:

COMPLETED: Pre-lease member goal of 300 members
COMPLETED: Department of Agriculture plan review
COMPLETED: Signing lease on building at 105 Barbara Avenue on Highway 34
Winter 2016-17: Building remodel
Spring 2017: Pre-opening member goal of 500 members
Spring 2017: Opening of store
Bless you and thank you for all your support! Please contact any board member with questions you may have.

MANNA Food Co-op Board of Directors,
Wendy Gordon
Ryan Pesch
Vicki Williams
Stacy Salvevold
Allana Burns
Cyndi Anderson